Past Projects

Netflix Feature

$10m budget feature film shot in Oakland, Calif. This project was the proving ground for a Google Drive based tracking and organization structure for large amounts of detailed budget, labor hours and clearances data. Large scale, professional graphics were an important piece of this project, requiring quick turn around and very little development and review time. This opened up the concept of how quickly things can be done, how much data can be tracked, and we move forward with a newfound confidence in clear communication, the power of collaborative apps and the quiet rewards of determination and hard work.

Commercial Production

Commercial video production has built the organizational and collaborative bones of our work structures. These well-funded, finely-tuned projects require a highly-effective, concise approach to deliver on-message, on-time and right the first time around. We have learned to build effective teams, execute on a tight schedule and do whatever it takes to cross the finish line.

Music Production

One aspect of my story is that I am a classically trained cellist (Austin, Texas) turned bluegrass musician (Seward, Alaska) that has been a part of both the recording and production of several albums, including artwork, promotion and tour booking.  I have been present and pivotal on every landmark in music production for small ensembles and musical groups, from working out “our” sound, to choosing a sound engineer to digital distribution and tour booking.  My experience as a graphic designer began by learning Photoshop to make band posters, and has expanded to a fluid grasp of Adobe Creative Suite, which I currently utilize in my work with magazines, feature films and many private clients. I have applied this graphics knowledge to produce band merchandise, album artwork, and social media branding.  Upon moving to California, I found that my experiences and skills translated beautifully to commercial video production, and have honed my organizational, detailed oriented approach in this realm for the past two years.  

Graphic Design

We live, breathe and dream in Adobe Creative Suite. Whatever your needs, it’s likely that solid graphic design knowledge will be a part of the final product. One of the most versatile, overarching skills, this “design eye” underwrites our vision of professional, attractive, magnetic final products, whatever the deliverable may be.


The cohesive blending of past and present- updates and nip and tucks to existing branding and starting a brand from scratch. La Liberta Band, from scratch. Blackwater Railroad Company, from scratch. Lila Wellness Tours, from scratch. Chinooks, Cookery, Sevens Restaurant, Terry’s Tire & Lube, Point Reyes Real Estate, Seward Properties, Spirit Matters, updated. What is the common thread? We take the vision and style as direction, and we add our understanding and expertise. It’s a group effort that results in something that is uniquely yours.


Learned from shopkeepers themselves, we’ve taken this experience off of Madison Avenue and back to the boutique shops that support and exhibit local artists working in their studios and living rooms. We study what sells; we watch trends and work to outlast them, to capture the zeitgeist and make it classic. This is where our love of packaging comes out, of hand-hewn journals made from homemade paper, with just the right gold foil stamp. That perfect gift that sells every time.